Venture Capital



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  • The Venture Capital Division of Wonik Investment Partners seeks out and invests in SMBs/venture enterprises with technology and growth potential, and develops them by providing access to expertise and insight across all aspects of business. Moreover, Wonik Investment Partners aims to create value add through IPO and M&A, and to yield high profit to shareholders and LP investors.
  • Potential Investment Target
    • Entities with talented personnel and technology that are lacking in capital
    • Early stage SMBs and venture enterprises that are vulnerable in management capability
    • Venture entities seeking business expansion through technology transfer
    • Areas of Focus : ICT, parts and materials, media contents, new&renewable energy, life science
Investment Philosophy & Strategy
  • Investment Philosophy
    • Wonik Investment Partners places ethics at the center of our investments and seeks to grow with our portfolio companies by establishing strategic partnerships through active management support and consulting.
  • Investment Strategy
    • Wonik Investment Partners sources companies with technology through its own internal/external network, and concurrently carries out planned investment in companies with technological specialization in different areas.