Private Equity



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  • Wonik Investment Partners' Corporate Investment HQ conducts various capital injection and financial advisory tasks for companies seeking active growth strategy via large-scale capital expenditures or merger & acquisition of new business or companies that have competitive business edge but are under temporal financial stress.
  • Target Companies
    • Companies in need of active investments to improve upon existing business’ core strength
    • Companies conducting merger and acquisition of new business to overcome limited growth potential posed by existing business
    • Companies with growth potential but require streamlining and restructuring financially
Investment Philosophy & Strategy
  • Investment philosophy
    • Seek for mid/long-term investment based on the longstanding partnership and deep sense of trust with the companies and their management
    • Purse value-oriented investment throught the entirety of investment process
  • Investment strategy
    • 'Growth Capital Investments' that support companies' endeavor to expand the boundary of existing business in the area of production facilities, product lineups and markets
    • Investment in the form of acquisition finance that supports merger & acquisition of new business or companies
    • Investments to buy-out management shares of companies with stable business structure and competitive edge
    • Investments in the form of MEZZANINE to provide necessary liquidity or conduct capital restructuring for distressed companies