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CEO Yong-Sung LEE

Wonik Investment Partners is
the venture capital company established in 1997 to contribute to the development of the venture entities which are the future growth engine of the country, through the investments and management support on small and medium sized enterprises with excellent technology and feasibility.

Our professional personnels are the partners with the long-term career visions to create added value through the new challenges. Based on the mind of walking together as a partner, Wonik is the place of experts who provides the support effectively on a right time through the close supporting activities along with the careful decision on investments.

Our philosophies on the investment are the rightful investment, partnership and value creation. The precise reviews such as thorough analysis on the management and technology of the entity, team work and markets are proceeded while discovering the investment subject entities, and the investment is made through a reasonable decision making with the multi-step verification system based on such. After the investment, we focus on a role as a true partner who works together from the early stage of starting the business to its growth with the general support on the business management, legal affairs, marketing and others.

Moreover, we maximize the profit of the shareholders and cooperative contributors concurrent with promoting the value of investment entities through the investment and development of entities with growth potentials, and wish to contribute to the development of the national economy.

Currently, we put much effort to develop as the investment expert company where can provide various investment services not only to the small and medium sized/venture entities but also to the mid-size entities through the diverse investment forms such as PEF rather than satisfied with the previous work services of the venture investment. Also, we focus our capabilities to settle as the ‘Leading Investment Company’ where plays a leading role in the investment industry.

Thank you.

Wonik Investment Partners
CEO Yong-Sung LEE

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